The Tropical Diseases Graduate Program (PPGDT) is part of the Tropical Medicine Center (NMT – Portuguese acronym) of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), carrying out teaching, research and extension activities and teaching the teaching of tropical diseases and regional pathologies in the state of Pará and the Amazon.

It is offered through the Program, the Academic Master's course, started in 1994, and also the Doctorate one, it started in 2007. There are two Areas of Concentration, Clinic of the Tropical Diseases and Pathology of the Tropical Diseases, and 6 research lines distributed between the two areas.

The area of concentration in Tropical Diseases Clinic brings together undergraduate students of Medicine and the area of concentration in Pathology of Tropical Diseases brings together undergraduates of courses such as Biology, Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Physical Education, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry and Occupational Health.

The performance of PPGDT is focused on teaching and research on pathological bases, clinical characteristics, means of prevention and treatment of several tropical and neglected diseases prevalent in this region, including malaria, leishmaniasis, leprosy, toxoplasmosis, superficial and deep mycoses, yellow fever, dengue, viral hepatitis and viruses in general, among other diseases occurring in the Amazon. In addition to producing knowledge essential to the performance of the health system in the region, the Program has a close relationship with this system in the provision of diagnostic and health surveillance support services.